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42 Reasons Christians are Better Than The God they Worship

Greetings, I intend to share a piece before long about the recent controversial supreme court decision. In the mean time here is another post that criticizes the Christian faith. I don’t believe the Christian God exist. But if he did … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Sexual Favors in the Work Place

In my previous post on the issue of prostitution, and how we all pay for sex, I argued that I am fine with the right of individuals engaging in sexual activities in exchange for money. I stated that “I see … Continue reading

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Don’t We all Pay for Sex?

Perhaps I should have rephrased the title as “don’t most of us pay for sex and/or companionship sometimes”, but that would be less catchy and more cumbersome.  Anyway, a while back I wrote a piece in favor of legalizing prostitution … Continue reading

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Question for Sexually Hung Up Christians

Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy. -H.L. Mencken This goes out to our sexually-hung up religious readers.  I’m talking about the sex-obsessed purity crowd:  The type of people who want to see a world populated by … Continue reading

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Ethical Non-monogamy: Can sharing lovers work for you?

Jenny and Greg are a couple that have been together for a long time and have recently become engaged. Rebeca and Alex are a couple that had been married for several years. The members of both couples are within the … Continue reading

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Legalize Prostitution!!

A while back Canada’s Ontario province decided to legalize prostitution!! I said congratulations to them, and great job!! I also say, why don’t we move toward doing the same thing here in the states? I personally, have no interest in … Continue reading

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Response to “Hey, public Schools: it’s Time for a Separation of Sex and State” by Matt Walsh

I tend to find posts by Matt Walsh of the themattwalshblog.com post an interesting read.  I find it a bit telling that he markets his blog as “absolute truth” among other things, when nearly all of his pieces reflect his … Continue reading

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