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Are we Atheist just being unreasonable?

I watched and enjoyed the recent exchange between Matt Dillahunty of Atheist Experience, Non Prophets and Unholy Trinity Tour fame, and Christian apologist Matt Slick on the Bible Thumping Wing Nut Show. The discussion, which can be viewed here, is … Continue reading

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God the Tyrant

I occasionally get into informal debates and discussions with religious individuals on the moral implications of their belief systems. These conversations usually involve myself and one or more Christians, since Christianity is the most common religion in where I live … Continue reading

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The Paralysis Tick: Another Case Against The Existence of God

Over the years I have heard quite a few variants of the “look at the trees” argument for the existence of a god. Normally, a theist will point to something wonderful in the natural world such as trees, flowers or … Continue reading

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Why Unmarried Americans Outnumber Married Americans

It is purely coincidental that this is my second consecutive marriage related post. I wrote the previous one on the wedding culture, and generally lost interest in the topic until it was brought to my attention that the latest numbers … Continue reading

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Atheist Book Review: The Book of Job

It seems nowadays everyone is talking about jobs: job creators,  joblessness, Steve Jobs and even certain sexual acts featuring the word job. Perhaps then, this would be a good time to look back at the original job, the biblical Job. … Continue reading

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42 Reasons Christians are Better Than The God they Worship

Greetings, I intend to share a piece before long about the recent controversial supreme court decision. In the mean time here is another post that criticizes the Christian faith. I don’t believe the Christian God exist. But if he did … Continue reading

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Would Jesus have supported the American Revolution

My fellow Americans often take for granted, the wisdom of the founders of this country. We often prefer to overlook the founder’s views on such issues as slavery and women’s rights, when celebrating their role in establishing a country with … Continue reading

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