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In Defence of My Government Neutrality / Full Liability Position on GMO Crops

I have previously discussed my position on the issue of genetically engineered foods and genetic engineering on this site. Readers of this blog as well as people who know me personally are familiar with my position, but apparently it is … Continue reading

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What I am Regretably not Hearing in the Genetically Modified Food Debate

Earlier this summer Cosmos host and generally likable guy, Neil DeGrasse Tyson released a video arguing that people who oppose laboratory created genetically modified foods were misguided. He used the often repeated argument that we have been genetically modifying foods … Continue reading

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Problems with Trophy Hunting

I tend to have little to no objections to hunting in general.  It strikes me as a great way for some people to provide food for themselves and makes them less dependent on the formal economy, which is definitely a … Continue reading

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6 Point Policy Proposal for Genetically Modified Foods

I have often felt a bit torn on the whole Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) debate. It seems on one side there are those who are so frightened by possibility of something going, wrong no matter how remote, that they are … Continue reading

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