Embryos in a Fridge: A question for pro-lifers

Here is a hypothetical situation presented to me a while back, that I
figured I thought to be a good conversation starter.  This goes out to the pro-lifers out there especially prohibitionist anti-choice, pro-lifers (I figure a distinction should be made, between to oppose abortion [pro-life], it is another to thing to want the government to impose your opposition to abortion on everyone else [anti-choice]), especially anti-choice pro-lifers who would argue that a human embryo is morally equal to a fully developed  person.

An embryo is a multicellular diploid eukaryote in its earliest stage of development, from the time of first cell division until birth, hatching, or germination.  In other words the term embryo is used to describe the phase in human development, ranging from the time in which one is nothing more than a cluster of cells to the time in which the internal organs have begun to develop (Essentially the first 2 months of pregnancy).  I know there are more ardent individuals who argue that a zygote, or the single fertilized egg cell, is also morally equal to and deserving of all the rights of a fully developed person, but for this exercise, I think going with the embryo stage is more sensible. Something about assigning rights to a single cell seems a little absurd, especially when considering the millions of individual cells that die when I scratch an itch or roll over in bed.

So, anyway the hypothetical situation is this:

You are in a burning building and your are stuck with the choice of saving either a 3 year old girl, or a refrigerator, full of hundreds of human embryos. You only have time to save one, so which do you save??

It seems to me that one who holds a human embryo to be the moral equivalent to a fully developed  person, would have to choose the hundreds of embryos in the refrigerator, and yet I cannot imagine that any sane person would choose this option.  In fact, I would say only a monster who has had his humanity and his morality warped, twisted and destroyed by religion and political dogmatism would save the embryos and let the little girl die. Something about this just strikes me as common sense, but I would like to see if any of you out there disagree, and learn what reasons you disagree.  Perhaps there is some flaw in my dilemma, making it a poor analogy, if so let me know.

Also, does this change for you if it is a refrigerator full of fetuses (a more advanced stage in prenatal development)?  Is there a certain number of fetuses or embryos that the fridge must contain to before you can justify saving it over the little girl?

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