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Embryos in a Fridge: A question for pro-lifers

Here is a hypothetical situation presented to me a while back, that I figured I thought to be a good conversation starter.  This goes out to the pro-lifers out there especially prohibitionist anti-choice, pro-lifers (I figure a distinction should be … Continue reading

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The Keystone Pipeline is Big Government

Recently, approval for the completion of the fourth phase of the controversial XL Keystone Pipeline was put to a vote in the Senate but was fell one yes vote short of winning.  All the Republicans in the Senate voted for … Continue reading

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In Defence of My Government Neutrality / Full Liability Position on GMO Crops

I have previously discussed my position on the issue of genetically engineered foods and genetic engineering on this site. Readers of this blog as well as people who know me personally are familiar with my position, but apparently it is … Continue reading

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Food Stamp Confessions: Why not Just Give Cash?

Years back, I had an enjoyable but low paying job at a small non-profit organization. This was in a new city. I had little money at the time and needed to find a place to live quickly. I found an … Continue reading

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Why are Campaign Contributions considered Exercises of Free Speech, but Bribes to Cops or Judges are not?

Most people I talk to are of the opinion that money plays to big a role in the American political system. This is true from people all over the political spectrum. It is also a common observation that campaign contributions … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Voting for The Anti-Establisment Minded

I vote in most elections that I get the chance to, though I am not completely unsympathetic to the argument that electioneering is not a particularly effective way of promoting meaningful change, and that it does often feel like the … Continue reading

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