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God the Tyrant

I occasionally get into informal debates and discussions with religious individuals on the moral implications of their belief systems. These conversations usually involve myself and one or more Christians, since Christianity is the most common religion in where I live … Continue reading

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Film Review of Paint Your Wagon: A Musical about Consensual Non-Monogamy in the Old West

“Welcome To Hell, Parson. No Name City, Population: drunk.” -Ben Rumson Years back, I saw the 1969 film paint your wagon, which, in case you didn’t know, has the unusual distinction of being not only a western staring Clint Eastwood … Continue reading

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Christopher Columbus was a Horrible Person

I am sure I will not be the only person who will be echoing this sentiment in his or her blog, Facebook feed, or Twitter Page today, but seriously to hell with Columbus Day. I do not wish to celebrate … Continue reading

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Entomophagy: Why People Should Eat More Bugs

John’s clothes were made of camel’s hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey. -Matthew 3:4 “I’d rather eat a big old bug! Than ever take a stupid drug!” -1998, anti-drug … Continue reading

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