Why not End U.S. Support for Israel?

I seriously question the wisdom having a put a Jewish home state in the middle east in following world war II and I think the US should gradually discontinue providing aid to that country or at the very least making further aid contingent on ending the religious apartheid, that characterizes the region. For those who have not been following the news Israel has essentially turned Gaza into an giant open air prison which they apparently feel free to bomb and/or steal land from at their leisure. The Israeli state, being the far stronger party in the conflict has shown little interest in any solution to the crisis, but rather seems to prefer managing it in over the long term, so they can steal more land a continue their domination of the population.  It is utter bullshit.

With that said, I dislike the tactics and religious leanings of the Israeli state’s adversary, Hamas and find that they often are given Israeli state justification for the horrible acts it engages in.  Their use of violence and religious ideology hardly make Hamas my choice of underdogs. That said, I think they could make far better in roads if they opted for something more like the peaceful resistance of  Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.

Of course none of this is going to happen. The violence is only popularize this push for more violence amongst hawkish Hamas Leaders and the Israeli political right. What is worse is that the US has no sign of ever reigning in on its assistance to the stronger party in this conflict. In presidential debates the candidates tend to see showing support for Israel as a point of competition between them and Israel provides the US with a convenient foothold/client state in the Mideast, a third party to assist with weapons sells/transfers and Israel has a long history of voting with the US on UN resolutions, when no one else will.

That said, the type of mass imprisonment, killing of civilians and religious apartheid that should not be something US tax money goes to support. What it more that it all so often seems to be justified on insane and superstitious religious grounds, with American Christians committed to the belief that Israel needs to be in place in order for Jesus to return. US support of Israel has caused a great deal of violence and has continued heavily to both anti-Americanism and anti-antisemitism around the world. This is includes the anti-Americanism that fueled the September 11th Attacks in 2001. It is time to give US support for Israel some reconsideration.

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