Question for Sexually Hung Up Christians

Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.
-H.L. Mencken

This goes out to our sexually-hung up religious readers.  I’m talking about the sex-obsessed purity crowd:  The type of people who want to see a world populated by virgin twenty or thirty somethings. I’m talking about the type who make their teenage daughters wear purity rings and attend father, daughter purity balls, where they promise to refrain from sex until marriage. This is the crowd that pushes for abstinence only education, and dreads the thought of their kid knowing how to use a condom.

My question for you is this:

If a cure for all STDs, with no side-effects, were discovered tomorrow and made available to all at zero cost…  or some new technology made it completely impossible get pregnant, or impregnate someone else without wanting to (with no side effects), would you consider it a bad thing?

For me the answer to this hypothetical question is a resounding no!!! I think that removing the unwanted consequences from sexual encounters would be a positive development. I think any development that maximizes personal freedom, and ends societal as this certainly would, should be celebrated. I think it is a wonderful development, that birth control has so greatly reduced the risk of unwanted pregnancies and that we are able to test for STDs and cure the majority of them.

I cannot imagine any sane person disagreeing, with this, but apparently many do, and they have a disturbing level of political clout in this country.  There is even one an organization with over a billion members worldwide that is explicitly anti-birth control.  Though in all fairness if Catholics, were better about practicing what their church preached, there would be a lit more of them.

It seems that people who answer my question with yes, simply cannot stand the idea of people, having the freedom to violate their prohibitions. They think that living in fear of HIV is a good thing!!  As such, they rather have disease and unplanned pregnancies fight the culture war they are loosing.dc Science will continue to remove the risks from, sex and people will continue to reject Victorian sexual repression.

My question, of course, is just a hypothetical exercise. We, unfortunately, live in a world, where sexual encounters can produce unintended consequences. However, I think with care, these can be avoided.  I advocate, sexual freedom, accompanied by personal responsibility. People should be free to enjoy sex with other consenting adults, but should must responsibility for the consequences of their actions. I also, advocating treating others ethically and honestly and demanding the same.

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