The Hell with Pat Buchanan and his Ronald Reagan Worship

I have written quite a few of these critiques of Pat Buchanan’s contributions to and have questioned why Rockwell would continuously share post with an author who is vehemently anti-free market as and as completely irrelevant to anything forward thinking libertarian below the age of 60 as Buchanan. I have to wonder why I even bother commenting on them at all, but they do get sent to me and they do illicit a response from me that I find more than worthy of sharing. So here goes.

Today’s piece, which can be found here, is in many ways one of the better ones and actually agree with the vast majority of it, which criticizes Republican politicians for kissing up to war hungry, billionaire donors like Sheldon Adelson, in exchange for money. Buchanan’s critique of this is excellent, well written and I’m completely in with him on everything he says until the last few three lines which are phrased as questions:

Is this what Republican presidential candidates must do now?

Kowtow to this fattest of fat cats who wants to buy himself an American war on Iran?

Is that what has become of the party of Reagan?

This is where Buchanan looses me. Simply put this not what Republican presidential candidates must do now, it what the almost certainly have always done. This is what the party of Reagan was from the get go. This is not what the Republican party has become, but what it has been at least as far back as Eisenhower, who overthrew a democratically elected government in Iran, at the behest of oil companies. Buchanan should not be acting like corruption and cronyism international intervention are anything new in Republican politics. This is what the party of Reagan was in the first place. Reagan’s regime was one of the most corrupt and interventionist we have had and Buchanan should know this because he was part of that administration. Hearing a former Reagan and Nixon staffer complain about corruption just rings a bit hollow for me.

What’s more is that this setting Reagan as the gold standard for republicans is highly problematic. When you have a party composed of people who worship a corrupt, militarist, moralist, actor who was nothing more than a puppet for the interest of big business, than of course you are you are going to find them kissing up the Sheldon Adelsons of the world. This type of thing has been a staple of both parties behavior at least since WWII if not further and Reagan only made it worse.  His regime also supported some of the most brutal dictators and death squads of that time period and essentially engaged in international mass murder, as I discuss in more detail here. The administration was  literally was conducting an illegal secret war with money made by selling weapons to Iran which was then an official enemy country.  As such I think Lew Rockwell, would do well not to have articles with not so subtle Reagan nostalgia on his site, a site by the way that claims to be anti-war, pro-market and anti-state, three things that Reagan most certainly was not.
I will also that while, I like seeing such an otherwise strong critique of the corruption of Republican politics from someone who has presumably has some credibility in Republican circles, I have to remind our readers that this is a problem with the Democratic Party as well. This includes of course the financial sector elites who donated heavily to Obama’s campaign and got nearly everything they wanted from him. Corruption is a problem not just with one party but with the system itself and we would do well not to loose site of this.
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