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Response to “You Must be an Atheist Becuase you Want to Sleep With Your Girlfriend/Boyfirend”

A few years ago I got into a pretty good Internet argument about this piece by Frank Turek, the author of the highly dishonest book, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. I was thinking about the discussion that … Continue reading

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The Conservative’s Double Standard on Freedom

In a recent conversation with a conservative leaning friend on the issue of the ever controversial birth control mandate, I was fascinated by the individual in questions appeal to freedoms of employers. This individual assured me that if the government … Continue reading

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Are Record Companies Becoming Irrelevant

This goes out to people interested in making and recording music, from your point of view relevant are major record companies and how relevant are they likely to become in the near future? It seems to me the big companies … Continue reading

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Giving LSD to Kids: The Blue Star Acid Scare Revisited

Sometime, around the late eighties and early nineties, an ongoing public scare reach it’s peak. Teachers all over the country were receiving reports, usually in the form of paper handouts, of children being given LSD laced stickers or rub-on tattoos, … Continue reading

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Just Filling In: Marine Assualts Stereotypical Atheist Professor

A friend recently shared this with me: This image was also shared by the Marine Corp Lives Facebook page recently. It is my opinion that urban legends like this one illustrate much of what is wrong with the way many … Continue reading

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Problems with American Exceptionalism

In the Charlton Heston’s 1959 film Ben-Hur, there is a scene where a Roman citizen, Messala, is encouraging his Jewish friend to be more accepting and less resistant to the Roman empire’s control of his homeland. He bluntly states: “It’s … Continue reading

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The Hitler Card: Problems with Invoking Godwin’s Law

Godwin’s Law is the assertion “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”.  That is to say it is the idea that as the conversation progresses Hitler of Nazi comparisons will … Continue reading

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