Legalize Prostitution!!

A while back Canada’s Ontario province decided to legalize prostitution!! I said congratulations to them, and great job!! I also say, why don’t we move toward doing the same thing here in the states? I personally, have no interest in making use of the services of prostitutes, and have never had the pleasure of doing so, but I really see no reason why their trade should be outlawed. If a man or woman wishes to pay for sex they should be able to, it is after all their own money, and goodness knows, legalizing prostitution would great for the economy. I see no reason why two or more consenting adults cannot and should not be allowed to make such an agreement.

I personally view prostitution the same way I view the use of marijuana and other drugs. They are victimless crimes, that in themselves hurt no-one, except possibly the person who chooses to engage them, but isn’t that a matter of personal responsibility.  It blows my mind that many of the puritanical traditionalist and self -appointed moral guardians, are also self-appointed high priests of personal responsibility and small government in nearly every other context.

Personally, I think drug use and prostitution, have been made much more dangerous, and more sinister by confining them to black markets. As was seen with alcohol, in the twenties, black markets open up doors for gangsters and thugs and make criminal activity highly profitable. Confining prostitution to an illegal economy has forced prostitutes to subject themselves to merciless pimps, corrupt cops and has given the trade a complete lack of oversight.

Prostitution is by definition, perfect for a black market economy, which is why it is pervasive, even though it is outlawed in much of the world. Its customers present a consistently high demand, are willing to pay high prices, but the work itself requires low-skill levels and is therefore very attractive to the many workers, who have had less success elsewhere in the economy. Prostitution is known to appear commonly in places with great numbers of unattached men, like air-force bases. Why shouldn’t the  men who serve our country’s military be free to release their sexual tension while contributing to the circulation of wealth throughout the economy and why shouldn’t men and women struggling to make ends meet, be forbidden from earning money by bringing pleasure others in a safe legal environment?

The United States is supposed to be the land of the free, which strikes me as being inconsistent with forbidding consenting adults to engage in whatever sexual activity they like. It seems to me no one would be hurt by the deal. The client is able to fulfill his or her, sexual desires, while the prostitute is able to earn an income, in what maybe precarious economic times. Some argue that prostitution may demean the people who engage in it, but it seems to me that if they, are recognized as and given the same legal protections that other professionals have, this would certainly be less of the case (which actually, what I think the self- appointed moral guardians most fear). Also it seems potentially much less demeaning than much of the work that we are used to anyway. For-example, I find being told to wear the uniforms of fast food company employees or being told to express the false corporate enthusiasm of the telemarketer to be as dehumanizing and demeaning as the work many prostitutes do. It would seem to me that with legal recognitions more prostitutes could work independently too, starting there own business, thereby freeing themselves from the eternally demeaning (though widely unthinkingly accepted) reality of having to chronically answer to a boss.  I don’t dismiss the notion that in some ways we all prostitute ourselves.

Also, keep in mind, to that legalizing prostitution, would subject it to regulation, as well as health checks, standards of accommodation, and oversight that removes the risks associated with it. Once again, I believe this is part of what the self-appointed moral guardians actually fear. There is very much a reactionary part of this culture that views free expressions of sexuality as the enemy and hates seeing the risks removed from them.

Frankly, I see the need that prostitutes serve as a real one, and I think it would generally be good for society, for more people to have the option of meeting their sexual desires in safe, legal and consensual ways.  I think that the taboo nature of human sexuality, the repression of human sexuality, and glorification of purity and virginity have done great harm to society. Frankly, I believe repressed sexuality will often express itself in unhealthy ways and there now a great deal of horror stories of sexual dysfunction caused by growing up in a sex negative environment. Society needs to no longer the accept use of government to impose morality on everyone else. Government should protect our freedom to come to our own moral conclusions, not force those of others on us. If you don’t like marijuana or prostitution do not participate, but do not try to impose your hangups on everyone else. This, as I emphasize that: no one has the right to impose their purely religious prohibitions on others through force, and it disgust me that you would want to.

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2 Responses to Legalize Prostitution!!

  1. urskruz says:

    It should be legalized everywhere, I agree over the topic!

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