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Is Conservatism a self-contradictory Ideology?

I am inclined to answer the question as yes.  American conservatives tend to have three main pillars that there ideology is built upon: 1.  Keep government small and unobtrusive, and markets free. 2.  Limit the personal freedom of others, to … Continue reading

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Are there any Voluntary Solutions to Global Warming?

As I noted yesterday, I recognize that human caused global warming is very likely to be a real problem, that will impact us all during the next several decades.  My understanding is nearly all relevant scientists agree this is a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Energy Production

Greetings all.  After a hiatus, much of which I spent in a wilderness area with no internet or cellular phone service, I am back and ready to continue writing.  Today, I figured I discuss the issue of energy, which came … Continue reading

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Response to “Hey, public Schools: it’s Time for a Separation of Sex and State” by Matt Walsh

I tend to find posts by Matt Walsh of the post an interesting read.  I find it a bit telling that he markets his blog as “absolute truth” among other things, when nearly all of his pieces reflect his … Continue reading

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Mother Teresa Was a Horrible Person

Mother Teresa, raised millions of dollars under the pretense of helping the world’s poor and sick, though they saw little if any of this money. Most it likely wound up in the Vatican’s vaults. Despite the fortunes she made, she … Continue reading

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Is Star Trek’s Q a stand in for the Christian God?

To me the answer is obviously yes.  For those who are not familiar with the character, Q is an near omnipotent being who appears various Star Trek series, including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.  He is played, … Continue reading

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Destroy Your Idols: Captains of Industry Edition

It is almost unassailable doctrine among conservatives and mainstream libertarians that the powerful industrialist of the late 19th and early twentieth century were, great men who pulled themselves up by their boot-straps, and enriched themselves by improving the lives of … Continue reading

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