Do You Celebrate Christmas!

I grew up as in a fairly religious Christian household, that made a big deal out of Christmas.  In fact, most of my immediate family is still very steeped in the holiday.  They watch the same Christmas films year after year, listen to the same Christmas songs day in and day out, have multiple Christmas trees and go full out with the decorations.They are very much tied, in with the religious aspects, to and prefer to overlook, the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that it is actually the birth date of their savior figure, or anything more than a Christian highjacking of a collection of Pagan solstice traditions.

Coming from this background, I inevitably celebrate Christmas to some degree,  I still give gifts to people who are close to me.  I have not come home to my family’s house for a few years to see the decorations, big feasts and Christmas music, though and I do not replicate them in my own home.  I have never bought a Christmas tree, or chosen in my own time to listen to any of the normal Christmas songs.  That said, I still have a certain sentimentality connected to the holiday.  I tend to agree with the notion that in much of the northern hemisphere it so dark, cold and miserable, that a big holiday is useful, just for keeping up moral.

That said, I do find Christmas to be undeniably overly commercialized and being an atheist, I find the religious elements of it to be nonsensical, but it can still be quite fun and enjoyable for me.  I have however, spoken to Christians and non-christians, who have told that they are really not into the whole Christmas thing, and do not celebrate it.  I have no objection to this what so ever, but it leads me to wonder if, this is a growing trend.  Are younger generations becoming increasingly less prone to celebrating Christmas?  Is this a positive or negative thing?

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