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Should Facebook Pay Its Users? Thoughts on a User-owned Social Network

That is a question I do not know the answer to, but the idea has a lot of appeal. I have heard a lot of stories about people becoming frustrated with Facebook, for  apparently saving status updates that are not … Continue reading

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2013: A Year in Music

2013 was definitely an eventful year in Music, if not a somewhat establishmentarian one.  By this I mean a lot of attention was paid to new releases from a lot of established artists we have known for years.  The much … Continue reading

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Walter Block is An Idiot: “A Response Feminists are not libertarians, neither are gays”

As I have noted elsewhere, I have not been impressed with some of the more recent output of Walter Block.  For a guy steeped in Austrian economics (a school of thought whose members tend to pride their ability to reason) … Continue reading

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Why not put the Krampus back in Christmas

For those who do not know, in central European tradition, St. Nicholas (Santa Claus is our variation of this figure), is accompanied each Christmas eve by Krampus, a demonic cloven hoofed monster that takes, naughty children and eats, swats or … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Selectively Breeding Humans

A while back I was out with some members of my family and the topics of evolution and genetics came up.  A younger family member, with a lot of curiosity asked, what I found to be an interesting, if not … Continue reading

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Comic Book Review: Batman #66 “The Joker’s Comedy of Errors” (AKA the boner issue)

I recently read the entirety of DC’s “Joker: Greatest Stories Ever Told” and found it to be a fun read.  The Joker is definitely one of the great villains in the comic world, and the stories in this book do … Continue reading

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Why pro-lifers should also be Pro-Choice

A while, back a conservative friend of mine complained that “the problem with liberals is that they just want to ban everything they do not like”, in reference to the debate of gun policy.  I said, that same critique applies … Continue reading

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