Anti-War Video Round-Up

As a follow to my veterans piece, where I expressed my qualms about war and militarism as solutions to international problems I figured, I share some footage people, who are much more articulate than myself making related points.  Enjoy.

1.  First we have Gary Chartier, who criticizes war and the warfare state from a largely free market perspective:

2.  Next we have the Howard Zinn talk mentioned in the above video that dissects the unquestionability of America’s three unassailable wars:  The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and World War II.  Even if you think the country was right to execute these wars, the points provided here are still thought provoking.

3.  Now for music.  Here is Pink Floyd’s piece when the Tigers Broke Free, which details Roger Water’s Father’s death in World War II:

4.  Next we have Over and Over by MC5.  Here the iconic, detroit punk prototypes give us a breakdown of Vietnam War era politics.



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