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Stop celebrating Corporatism: A Response to “How large, profit-hungry corporations helped create the middle class” by Doug Altner

A while back a friend passed on this article from the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights.  The article’s author Doug Altner is defending the role of large corporations had in the improvement of the standard of living of most … Continue reading

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Focus on Your Own Damn Family: Thoughts on Social Conservatism

I think of all the political tendencies, prevalent in today’s America, social conservatism has got to be the one of the ones, I most dislike.  To be clear by social conservatism I mean the view that government should be actively … Continue reading

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Music Documentary Round-up

Have limited time to write today, so I figured I use the opportunity to share some excellent films about music with all of you all.  Enjoy. 1.  The Velvet Underground- South Bank Show.  This covers the bands career, features great … Continue reading

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Dave Grohl rips on American Idol and The Voice

Recently, the legendary Foo Fighters front man and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl made the following critique of televised singing contest: There is a strong part of me that is inclined to agree.  It just so happens my attempts at … Continue reading

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RIP Lou Reed: Celebrating his life and music

Lou Reed the now legendary singer, songwriter guitarist and founder of the Velevet Underground passed away today. His music with the Velvet Underground and much of his work as a solo artist meant a great deal to me.  In the … Continue reading

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The Great American System… What Happened?

In a discussion of American political and economic history I was asked this question: “We had a system that worked for decades, did we get lazy? Did we let our morals slide?” My answer is as follows:  No, we did … Continue reading

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Confessions of a male Feminist

I am a male feminist and have identified, myself as such for years.  By that I mean I favor equal treatment for women, politically, socially, economically etc, and reject sexism.  It does not mean I favor women ruling over men, … Continue reading

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