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Abortion is Not Murder, It’s Self Defense!!

Abortion is not murder, it is self defense.  I say this because I do not recognize the right of any person to use or occupy another person’s body without that person’s consent.  It is also for this reason that we … Continue reading

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Do you buy from Companies that support Democrats and/or Republicans?

Chances are you work for a company that, unbeknown to you, is screwing around in the political system. The infamous “too big to fail” financial giants – Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase for example – are certainly major … Continue reading

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On Holiday: Here’s Some Awesomeness

I’ll be out exploring the wilderness, for the next couple days.  I’ll be away from a computer, so will have to break the as of yet uninterrupted series of daily post I have previously started.  To get our readers through, … Continue reading

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Escaping your Bubble.

When I was young my parents moved me to this awful upper middle class suburb, in an attempt to get us kids into better public schools. The neighborhood’s over-privileged kids all seemed to be cut from the same mold, their … Continue reading

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6 Point Policy Proposal for Genetically Modified Foods

I have often felt a bit torn on the whole Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) debate. It seems on one side there are those who are so frightened by possibility of something going, wrong no matter how remote, that they are … Continue reading

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Phony Christians Vs. True Christians: By their fruits, I don’t know them.

Nearly all the Christians, I know acknowledge that at least some subset (presumably a large subset) of their fellow believers are phonies.  These fall into two categories. The first is people who are being deliberately dishonest about their beliefs for … Continue reading

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Response to Walter Block’s “Are Racial and other Background Checks Discriminatory?”

A friend of mine recently shared this article with me, by the well-known economist Walter Block.  I found the weakness of the arguments here, surprising coming from a man of Block’s acclaim.  In response I wrote the following summary of … Continue reading

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